Advantage of being a Top Lawyer in Toronto

Monday, January 18, 2010

It is obvious that being a top lawyer is going to be a bit different in Toronto than being a lawyer in a small town with about 15,000 residents. Along with increasing responsibility there is always a big opportunity in such big cities, as the citizens of such cities are educated enough to fight for their rights. Much of it has to do with the fact that people are no longer afraid to sue when something happens to them and these is possible only if they are educated enough to take right decision. At one time, an individual could have pain inflicted on them by another person or even a company and they would let it roll off their back. That has changed drastically because people are tired of becoming victims and letting it slide. Lawyers in small cities have these cases as well, but lawyers in big cities have a larger potential customer base and they thrive on that. That is great because that means a better income, a better reputation, and leads to even more excitement.
Being a lawyer in the big city means the cases are going to be a bit more diverse. With more people come more unique situations in which a lawyer is needed. This gives the lawyer the opportunity to set a standard in law when a legitimate and unique case comes their way. The excitement alone is hard to contain and then there is that income and reputation factor. In small towns, the income ceiling is a bit lower because there is only so much to work with. If you are a small town with ten lawyers, then the earning potential is not as high. However, a lawyer in a large city such as Toronto has an incredibly higher earning potential.
It is obvious that each lawyer has to compete with another in terms of quality of service and marketing to capture the market as many of them will target such a vast market and these competition factors makes the profession even more exciting. Lawyers in small cities do have competition amongst each other, but lawyers in big cities have more lawyers to compete with and a larger playground to compete on. The sky is pretty much the limit in this area and that can make ad campaigns, signs, and other advertising media a lot of fun. As a lawyer in a big city, you have the money to do it so run with it. The only thing to lose is being one of the top lawyers, if not the top lawyer, in the city. Many big cities are now getting to the point where they offer awards and other types of recognition for lawyers who have done something exceptional, so you want that case that is going to get you that recognition. More recognition means you're going to get more clients. Most importantly, you're going to be upholding the law and being in a bigger city allows you an even larger opportunity to do just that. And that is why being a lawyer in Toronto definitely has its perks.


StephaniePumphrey September 13, 2012 at 2:26 PM  

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